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Our guideline to choosing a product

The best products are exclusively picked by our team, based on the below parameters.


The product should meet the expected level of quality in the domain and the brand should have some points to prove the same.


The product should be technically mature to cope up with the increasing requirements of the user.


The product should justify the pricing and it should be value for money for the end-user.


The product should be sustainable, plant-based and eco-friendly.


The product should connect with the user emotionally and give them a sense of calm and pleasure.

Company culture

As we believe good values make a great brand and threrfore we go through the brand details thoroughly to understand the company culture and values.

Product should fall in one or few parameters

These products go on the website’s product listing in the respective category, and on social media as a handpicked approved product.

If you strongly believe that your brand meets one or more of the criteria mentioned above, and you want us to review your brand or product,

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